AC Install

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AC Install

The lifespan of most HVAC systems is an average of 10 to 14 years- therefore, at some point you will find yourself shopping for a new AC to help maintain your home at a comfortable temperature throughout the warm seasons.

Installing a new AC unit in your home is a big-ticket investment that you want to get right the first time. Otherwise, you will end up paying more money than you had planned by increasing your energy bill.

A common mistake that homeowners make is choosing the wrong size system for their home. Unfortunately, replacing your central air conditioner isn’t as simple as buying an identical-sized, new AC unit- especially if you’ve made any changes to your home, such as the replacement of drafty windows, installing new insulation or adding new rooms.

Don’t make the same mistake. Hire the Gurus as your licensed HVAC contractor to help guide you through the process of choosing the right equipment for your home.

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